About Engela


According to brand architect and aesthetics guru Engela du Toit, everyone wants something pretty in their  lives; and with her unique style and daredevil attitude, the pretty is within your reach. With a combination of marketing know-how and décor intellect, she will first and foremost delve deep and get to know your brand offering – be it personal or professional. Once she gets a handle on what makes your brand tick, she will use this to shift and evolve your perception of aesthetics and visually transform not only your business, studio or home; but also your brand. With aesthetics as her foundation, she’ll contextualise your creative dreams and turn it into a real and practical look that encapsulates everything your brand is about. She calls this an ‘aesthetics journey to define your brand print’ but with a clear goal to optimise turnover.

Engela’s career path is full of accomplishments and achievements, and she has extensive experience in fashion retail;  especially the marketing, visual communication and specific strategic projects to optimize the customer experience.  She enjoyed top positions at both the Foschini Group, Truworths International and Queenspark where she got into contact with various elements of the retail industry with store design, visual presentation and customer satisfaction.  This experience played a big role in her current occupation as Brand Strategist taking care of the Aesthetics in your brand strategy;  her retail career gave her the opportunity to get up close and personal with brand strategies.  She now focuses on optimising your customer journey to ensure more money in the till. Her very realistic approach to how you apply your in-house skills set and where you spend your money is in line with the shift to digital marketing, focused staff activation inisiatives and the inclusion of human contact in a very technology driven retail environment.

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  1. We want to renovate our coffee shop and would love your input

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