Coffee Connection

The brief was straight forward – design a coffee shop for Robertson, a tiny village in the Western Cape, BUT it must live adjacent to a Postnet Agency.  I can’t make any structural changes and the budget is limited.  The client proposed the name Coffee Connection, with a few references of what they like.  I’ve been so involved in fashion retail for a while now, so this was a nice challenge.  Within 2 weeks I had to present my ideas, get a logo going, kick-start social media support and order all the items.

A huge positive was the client’s awareness of branding, a holistic creative approach and the importance of the customer journey.  Connectivity, the ever increasing pleasure threshold and the consumer’s access to everything created interesting creative considerations for this catchment area.

The old spot was looking tired and there was very little to up-cycle or re-cycle. It was a flat surface with no architectural detail.


The exterior was a challenge with strict branding specs but at least I could go bold with a dark charcoal exterior and white highlights for a modern touch.


The interior solution was the fun part.  I could introduce anything as the client’s husband and I completed many projects for Rawson donkey year ago.  He understands my creative eye and played a key role in the implementation of all the ideas. We introduced chip board cladded walls, a contrasting black tiled wall, a checker board floor and ceiling screens to create a clear demarcation from the Postnet section.  I spent money on the big visual elements and tried to not get involved in the small stuff.


We could recycle the old tables and a few cabinets. I introduced new chairs from Chair Crazy, very city chic, and a few handmade pedastals for a local touch. Hot Wired Design helped with big lazer cut branding and deWaal Art did all the decals.



The overall feel is very monochromatic, a nice contrast to Postnet’s bold red, black and blue. The client must still add more greenery but the Robertson locals love their new hub to meet a friend, wait for a Postnet print or taste local freshly baked cheese cake.


Picture7Coffee Connection offers a very basic menu but enough choice for their pop-in pop-out client base.  When you go out to the Platteland please pop in!



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  1. Lizelle Gibbens says:

    Liewe genade

    Jy kan toor!! Weereens job well done

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  2. Johan says:

    Wow, well done!

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