The Corporate Chill

A first for me – transform a boring corporate office space into a staff chill area. Canteen, chill area or meeting area are so much more than popping your home-made lunch into the microwave and have a quick chat with a colleague. These areas now pop up in decor magazines and architectural companies pull out all stops to make bold statements to enhance the brand journey.  But knowing that this client will not spend big money, I approached it with a creative eager heart but with a strong realistic undertone.  For me these areas play a crucial role in the brand ethos. This is the area where they must feel at home, where they can share views, emotions and celebrate successes.  Here you want to shout out to visitors that you work for a cool brand. One can also not disregard the functional role it needs to play.  For this specific project, we had to bring 4 meeting areas into the theme.

A very strict landlord and a visionary and easy-going CEO proofed to be a good enough platform to still create a bit of fun.  I had a 3-week turnaround time so could only use what was available in combination with some old existing furniture pieces.  And that is ok!  Times are tough and we must sometimes relax and get the purist eye half shut and just add fun to corporate spaces.Slide1

Step one was to ignore the sensible hotel foyer carpet aka 1978 and cream walls. A tin of charcoal paint and astro off cuts were enough to add bold detail.  A big communal table and chairs that can double up for a big meeting were first priority.





For a bit of light hearted play on the booking of meeting rooms I designed big numbers for the 3 meeting areas.  Each room shouts in bright colour to incorporate a set of old posters.  Scandi inspired tables and seating from Pedersen & Lennard and cheap and cheerful chairs from Chair Crazy added enough colour, functionality and form.


A second boardroom was created with an old table and chairs. A big wall sticker was enough detail to be utilised when serious fruit export routes pop up in discussions. I sourced bits of fruit inspired artwork and Photo Blox printed them on wood – again in a fun interpretation but true to the theme.  The client export to so many destinations using very innovative packaging that could be used as a wall visual.





The foyer presented a lovely challenge with, guess what, beige cabinets.  A bold company logo, a pop of astro and bold chairs were enough to welcome visitors.









It was fun and again more than just a quick decor installation.  The brand’s ethos was touched with a small budget but a big impact on the staff and visitors’ brand journey. If they move offices all pieces can be moved and if more money pops up the look can definitely be extended to their office space.


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  1. Lizelle says:

    A job well done once again!!
    Excelent work!!
    I enjoyed every bit of detail!!!

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