The Daily Coffee Cafe

Once upon a time there was a coffee shop in Paarl called Sugarberry. She was an old lady in desperate need of a revamp. When the new owner contacted me I was more than ready to do something different for Paarl. Adriaan de Bruyn had the vision to introduce something different in town and trusted me to do my own thing. The budget was tight but realistic and the transformation was based on good paint colours, a few fruit bins taken apart with the main counter and light installation as the vocal point. He spent money on all the right places and now enjoy an end product with a good menu, warm atmosphere and the best coffee in town. Her name is The Daily Coffee Cafe. My first project in my home town completed!
This was also my first official collaboration with my daughter Emma, who designed the logo and all the branding items.


IMG_1850   IMG_1851


IMG_1910  IMG_1900


IMG_1918    IMG_1921  

IMG_1922   IMG_1937

IMG_1943   IMG_1959

IMG_1952   IMG_1900






*note:  8 April 2020

Today there are about 16 branches nation wide.  The design changed as the franchise developed – for more detail see:


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