Sales Office Reinvented

Rawson Developers tasked me with something slightly different from my regular flashy foyers and show units.  I was tasked to develop a centralised sales office in a deserted restaurant/deli, soon to be demolished to make space for another Rawson development.  Luckily it was a good solid square shape with pillar and bulkhead detail in the middle.  I went big on the recycle-upcycle trend and only used leftover decor items from show units now sold, a fresh layer of white and aniseed paint, but added a few branded elements.  I thought a touch of an art gallery feel will work well and added a red carpet for them to show case all their sold out star developments. On budget and functional!

photo (61)photo (64)photophoto (48)photo (56)photo (57)photo (47)photo (59)

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